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General Use Sewing Machine :

General Use Sewing machine comprises of sewing machine range from mechanical type with very few stitch patterns with multi step buttonhole stitch to computerized machines with enhanced features, with much more stitch patterns and single step button holing features. Enhanced features of some home sewing machines such as quilting, blind stitch, hem stitch etc. can be utilized with additional machine accessories.

Overlock Sewing Machine :

Overlock sewing machines are generally required for sewing of 1 or 2 pieces of fabric for edging, hemming or seaming.

Overlock sewing machines are definitely a requirement in addition to basic  machine for home user whom seriously get involved in complete projects such as body wear items and home decor items.

Embroidery Sewing Machines :

Embroidery sewing machine is designed for creative users to add beauty and themed details on anything sewn. The budget for an embroidery machine hugely varies depending on the machine features, software and the size of the embroidery stitching capability. Following the current trend on fashion  industries which tend to include beauty on anything sewn, embroidery machines will create a value added benefit on final product.
Quilting Sewing Machine :

Quilting refers to the technique of joining at least 2 fabric layers together by stitches or ties while forming a decorative design. In most cases there is the filling layer in between which provides more thickness and insulation.

Industrial Sewing Machines :

Industrial sewing machines are designed for extensive use. For small level entrepreneurs, industrial lockstitch and overlock sewing machines are sufficient for the start. Price range for industrial  machines hugely varies depending on brand, country of make and important parts used in the machine. Since the industrial machines will be used for business purpose, initial investment cost, downtime and fast service support factor shall be a major consideration before putting an investment on industrial machines. Buyers also need to be aware of imitation products in the market. Since the price tag for renowned brand is less fixed in the market, users need to be very careful on cheap offers of branded industrial machines. Plenty of equivalent options available for industrial machines at much lower price compared to established brands. The basic trick to find out if the offered product is of best quality is to look at the warranty period. A good sewing machine outlet shall always offer longer warranty period compared to established brands if the seller is confident of the industrial machine product he is selling     

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